Monday, October 19, 2009

Bangkok Traffic love Story

Above is the name of Thai romantic comedy movie. It have been in cinema since last Thursday. Thais love this movie before it came out for a month!! One reason is there are super duper cute actors and actresses in this movie, and the story is so similar to the people who live Bangkok.

Here is a promoting poster of the movie which looks like a box that you can get in and take a photo with the leading actor.
The original promo posters

so this is what happened after the poster came out. Thanks for Nae, my friend who always send me funny stuffs from the Internet

Do you believe that she did it at the mall??

He is worrying about his girlfriend fall in love with this handsome guy.

...Yeah, and he gets jealous of him.

Can't believe they have a fight because of the guy!

Not only girls that crazy about this movie, but the boys also do. here is the proof.

Hey, stealing promo poster is illegal!

Dream on, man.

Errr... I'm not sure about this one.


Ampika said...

For sure, this movie is a crush!

Ampika said...

the last picture is so dot(ted).
it's BTS fever!!

Pichan said...

BTS fever arrived in Indo :)
I like this movieeeeee....Ken too...:)

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