Monday, October 19, 2009

Panda Fever in Thailand (Declaration of a State of Emergency version)

Well, some of you might not know that, recently, PANDAs have become Thailand's new mascot since Lin-Hui, the most prettiest panda in our country, gave a birth to her new baby named "Lin-Ping" a few months ago!!

Here, I want to summarize some of their DAILY NEWS so that you guys can see how HOT they are>>>

  • 18 Feb, 09 - started to do artificial insemination for 'Chuang-Chuang' and 'Lin-Hui'
  • 4 May, 09 - After waiting for 3 months, it was reported by the vetarianaries that there's about 70% of the possibility for Lin-Hui's PREGNANCY! (also, this could be twins.)
  • 27 May, 09 - Finally, she gave a birth at 10.39 am with the exitement of surrounded vets.
  • 2-12 June, 09 - There were 4 names;Ying-Ying (girl-girl),Tai-Jeen (Thailand-China), Lin-Ping (I don't know what it means, coz it's Chinese), and Kwan-Tai (Thais' dear) come through the final round 'Little Panda Nickname Competition'.
  • 24 July, 09 - Lin-Hui dropped her little baby on the floor, and hit it's head.'NO INJURY FOR BABY PANDA', newspaper reported immediately.
  • 10 Aug, 09 - Plaifah Seehakom, a girl from Wanorn-Niwas, Sakolnakorn provice was a lucky girl who won the competition, and got 1 Million BTH with Honda Jazz PLUS a tour package to China.
  • 10 Aug, 09 - Almost 4 months of this PANDA thing, we decided to name this baby panda 'Lin-Ping'. ( I still have no idea what does it mean)
  • ......., 09 - Still, there are tons of PANDA news for you to collect.

Even Thai elephants are infected from Panda Virus 2009! How about us?

What about this lovely cows?

Or these alligators?

I can say that Panda story might last forever as long as Lin-Hui and Chuang-Chuang still have the energy to create baby pandas...

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Pichan said...

Hahahahaha~~ so sweet...All animal will be PANDA :) How can this happen in Thai? Just because not many Panda there? :D

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