Thursday, October 22, 2009

They are Couple!!

Korean Fever seems to have 'no end'.
After the rise of 'Girl Groups'*, now 'Boy Bands'** are back!!!

(* i.e. Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, etc.
** i.e. Shinee, SS501, etc.)

Wonder Girls


Anyway, I've seen so many times that those fansites or webboards usually mention about the couple within the bands or groups. Yes, you read it right. These fans mention them (the singers) as couples (I wrote 'couples' because there are not just one). It will not be so strange if the members of each group are NOT the same gender. The strangest one is the fans seem to LOVE it, to see their idol(s) together. They did photoshop, capturing two of the members together. Sometimes they wrote the stories, which they called 'Fan Fiction', about their prefered couples.

Do not get them WRONG! These singers are NOT homosexual, but their fans like to see them like that. So, sometimes you will see those singers service their fans by teasing each other, or something like that (which I'm not sure if it's just their services, they are commanded, or they naturally do these). Anyhow, from my point of view, I assume that one of the fans' reasons is because they cannot choose... I mean, they cannot choose to love just only ONE of the members ('coz they have their own charms to be loved). Thus, the fans decide to LOVE them as a COUPLE, so that they don't have to seperate their heart to love only ONE of their beloved singers.


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