Thursday, October 15, 2009

TIEE 2009 in Thailand

TIEE is stand for Thailand International Education Exhibition. It created last Friday. So my friends and me went there to check it out!!!

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera to the exhibition. (-_-") I just thought about to walk around and then have a dinner with friends. However, I thought the event will be a big (or grand) one, because the name of this event is so LONG... As you can see, it take one of my space to write a full name of this event.

Looks good huh?
We walked around and about 90% of the school, collage, university and academic are in Thailand. I saw just one or two that from Taiwan and Singapore. and some is not about international study at all, such as dance school. But it didn't mean that it's not a good event, I saw some interested programs from many universities (even though almost of them is MBA). Here are some cool brochures I wanna show you guys.

Khon Kean University

Yuan Ze University from Taiwan


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